The Brockhouse Sector beamlines enable highly detailed, accuate, and complete structural information on samples ranging from crystals to amorphous solids to liquids and anywhere in between. It consists of 3 independently operable beamlines, from two insertion devices placed in the sector 4 straight section of the CLS storage ring. Two beamlines, WLE and WHE are serviced by an in-vacuum permanent magnet wiggler, while the third (IVU) uses an in-vacuum undulator. 


  • Powder Diffraction (WLE for high resolution, WHE for highly penetrating)
  • Pair Distribution Function (WHE)
  • High Pressure (WHE)
  • Single Crystal Diffraction (IVU)
  • Reciprical Space Mapping (IVU)
  • Anaomolus scattering (IVU, or possibly WHE)